Are there any good green rating systems for products?



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    The Environmental Protection Area along with U.S. Department of Energy have created a joint program to save energy. The program, Energy Star, has emission and energy use requirements  for various products from household appliances to solar panels. Apart from saving you money on your next energy bill, some Energy Star products have tax rebates. Check out the website for more information on the Energy Star program. 

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    The Energy Star rating system is really helpful when you are looking to purchase appliances, and there are also some great “green” ratings for household cleaners etc. Check out these sites for more info:

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    I am unsure that there are any. Much of what we read and take in is nothing more than propaganda created by special interest groups. Very little of what we read has a sound basis in scholastic research. I think most of these “green ratings” are nothing more than propaganda to get people to invest in someone’s idea of the latest and greatest, most advanced technology, etc. More expensive to the planet in the long run as a whole, because computerized items are generally non-recyclable.

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