Are there any good environmental documentaries that are good?



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    An Inconventient Truth reveals the science and politics behind global warming.  This was an Oscar winning documentary following Al Gore’s pursuit of climate awareness.  Another great documentary is the No Impact Man, which follows a family living in New York City to live a net zero footprint life for one year.

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    You can watch great documentaries online on a variety of topics, including environmental. Check out the link below.

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    King Corn was pretty good.  It discusses the corn farming industry in America.  The filmmakers decided to try to grow corn to better understand the lives of farmers.  Very eye-opening.

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    If you only see one, I would say see An Inconvient Truth.  It is compelling, informative, and the starting point to understanding climate change and what needs to be done.

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    The Cove, and Who Killed The Electric Car.   Both of these movies will make you very angry.  But they are very well made and you should see them! 

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