Are there any good eco friendly smart phones?



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    Yes! While there’s certainly still a lot pf progress to be made in the world of eco friendly electronics, the Samsung Replenish is at least a step in the right direction.  The Replenish is a smart phone made partially from recycled or recyclable materials, comes in fully recyclable packaging, and comes with a postage paid envelope to recycle it in when its useful life is over.  The Replenish’s casing is made from 34.6% recycled materials, and the entire phone is more than 80% recyclable.  The packaging is made from 80% recycled material, is fully recyclable and printed with soy ink.  Samsung has also reduced the number of environmentally sensitive materials (such as PVC and brominated flame retardants) and improved the phone’s energy efficiency.  And if that’s not enough, the company also offers an optional solar battery charging panel.

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    There are only a few eco-friendly phones on the market right now.  The Samsung Replenish, carried by Sprint, is a great option according to  It is made of 30% recycled material and packaged in products made from 80% recycled materials.  The handbook that comes with it was even printed with soy ink!  The coolest thing of all, it has a solar powered battery option! 

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