Are there any good eco-friendly makeup products?



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    Of course! Here are a few good places to shop that have great eco-friendly and green makeup:


    sterling minerals

    jane iredale

    bare escentuals

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    Yes! Lots of drugstores in cosmpolitan areas now carry activated charcoal, which is a good substitute for mascaras and eyeliners that may contain mercury and coal tar (a neruotoxin and carcinogen, respectively). Soleo Organics makes a great all-natural sunscreen, which avoids the hormone disrupter oxybenzone, a common additive in most sunscreens. And RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek makes a combination blush/lipcolor with none of the lead or BHA (another neurotoxin/carcinogen combo) often found in lipsticks.

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    I’ve linked to a list of eco-friendly make-up products. However, I also recommend you look up individual products, before you buy, at Skin Deep Cosmetics Safety Database (second link below). They can tell you about the danger level of anything in your make-up.

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    There certainly are. The second link attached below shows a list of ten eco-friendly cosmetic lines, all of which include organic ingredients and environmentally conscious packaging. There are definitely more “green” cosmetic lines on the rise today, so there really should be no problem trying to find one that fits your needs. 

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    Sephora has a whole section about eco-friendly product, such as: Juice Beauty Organics for skin care, RareMinerals for foundation and spot treatment, and Korres Wild Rose facial moisturizer. 

    I also found a website that will help you in your search for environmentally friendly products.

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    When purchasing beauty products ALWAYS read the ingredients.  Even if it is labeled green, natural, or organic these don’t really mean anything since the FDA does not monitor these terms and they can be used on any personal care product.  Keep in mind you are using these products everyday and they stay on your body all day long.  Be sure to check for parabens – chemical preservatives that are endocrine disruptors, Sulfates – foaming agents that pollute waterways, Triclosan – antibacterial agent that is a hormone disruptor. 

    Another aspect of “eco-friendliness” should be animal testing.  There are many brands on the market that are cruelty-free and do not test on animals: Yes to Carrots etc., Smashbox cosmetics, Burt’s Bees, Aveda,

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