Are there any good eco friendly baby clothes companies?



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    Yes.  There are a ton of good companies out there that make everything from organic baby clothes to eco-friendly cribs, diapers, and baby toys.  Check out the following:


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    Eco-friendly moms want to raise eco-friendly babies, so you can bet that new green baby clothing lines are popping up all the time. You can find a wide range of prices and styles, from high-end and trendy to cute and affordable. Here are a few options:

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    There are many good companies out there which provide baby clothing among other supplies. One is Baby Earth which provides not only baby clothes which are organic and environmentally friendly, but other products such as diapers, toys, furniture, lotions and more. It does not solely have eco friendly products, but it does have one of the largest selections available. They are also implementing new business initiatives to make sure that they are running their business in a way which helps the environment and follows their commitment to “making baby’s world as healthy, happy and safe as possible”.

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