Are there any good companies that make eco friendly hiking boots?



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    The Pachira Hemp Hiking boot is an excellent choice of footwear in quality, durability and for the environment. These shoes have insoles made from recycled foam and use imitation leather made from recycled material. The durable soles are made of recycled tire rubber, and other parts of hemp and cotton. It is a good shoe for the environment as durable hiking boots mean you won’t have to buy another pair for a while, and they are composed of natural, biodegradable or recycled material. Another good choice is boots by Green Home, a company which uses 100% recycled materials as well and as much hemp as possible. Timberland also has some eco-friendly boots on shelves which use recycled rubber for the soles and employ a side-stitch technique to avoid the use of toxic adhesives. 

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    A company that offers eco-friendly hiking boots is Wicked Hemp. The fabric is 75% hemp, which is a very sustainable plant. Recycled PVC is used for the toe and sole. This entire boot is vegan, meaning nothing on this boot comes from an animal. The boots come in two different colors and offer a lot of ankle support. They are also comparable in price to other hiking boots, even on the cheaper side.

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    Just adding onto the list there are several more good companies that produce these high quality boots such as: Patagonia which is a little expensive but long lasting (I have a pair that I still wear today after 3 years and I hike alot), and also you have more common names like Vasque and Timberland (Earth Keepers) that have contributed to the cause with their own eco friendly hiking boots (both good brand names to go with).



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