Are there any good books on animal conservation stories?



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    I went on Amazon and searched “animal conservation books.”  Wildlife Ecology, Conservation, and Management by Sinclair, Fryxell, and Caughly has good ratings.  Another good one is Wildlife Restoration: Techniques for Habitat Analysis and Animal Monitoring by Michael Morrison.  

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    There are also books by Jane Goodall, whose work with gorillas is internationally known.

    All of the books have incredibly high ratings.

    Click here for a list of all her books that are available on

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    Another suggestion I’d have is Ethics on the Ark: Zoos, Animal Welfare, and Wildlife Conservation by Bryan Norton, Michael Hutchins, and Elizabeth Stevens. This book compiles essays about pro and against views on zoos. Very interesting. 

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    Yes, the Goodall books are a great suggestion. I’d also recommend Thinkers of the Jungle, a book about orangutans by Willie Smits, who has been a leading conservationist for that species’ rainforest habitats. Paul Watson has also written a lot about his work in conservation, including Seal Wars.

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