Are there any good 6th grade science EXPERIMENTS or ideas for a science fair that’s coming up? And, does it take the same amount of time for organic and non-organic foods to compost?

I need an experiment that I can PROVE. For example, I need an experiment that goes like, “Which one takes longer to grow, this plant or that plant?” rather than “Can a rocket bottle launch?” And the experiment has to be 6th grade material, since I’m in the 6th grade. Please help. I need a lot of ideas I can get, because the fair’s going to be in February the 1st. And answer the organic and non-organic question first because if it takes the same amount to decompose, then I need another 6th grade science fair idea. And please please please give a reason why it takes longer or the same amount of time. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!



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    First of all, whether or not organic or non-organic foods take the same amount of time to compost shouldn’t prevent you from doing a project about it! Science is about TESTING hypotheses -finding out an answer when you’re not sure what it is.  So you have to figure out for yourself, through an experiment, whether they compost at the same rate.  If you predict they’ll compost at different rates, but they actually do at the same rate -that’s fine! You just disproved your hypothesis.  That’s one of the  most important parts of science!  

    I’ve given you a couple of links with ideas for middle school-level science fair projects. Good luck!

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