Are there any gas powered cars that get over 45 mpg?



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    No, the best mpg for a purely gas fueled car is a Volkswagon Jetta with 42 mpg (highway). Even cars that you think might reach a higher mpg because of there size and modern makes like a mini cooper only get 37 to 38 mpg. 

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    At the moment, no.  The top-rated gas-powered car is the 2011 Smartfortwo manual, which get 41 mpg highway and 33 mpg city.  As its name would suggest, the Smartfortwo is a two-seater.  As you get into more reasonable sizes, the mpgs inevitably drop.  The top-rated midsize is the Nissan Versa, with only 34 mpg highway and 28 city.

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    The Mercedes Benz C 250 CDI claims that it gets 45 mpg using diesel.  The Ford Fiest ECOnetic has a turbodiesel motor and gets 63 mpg.    As far as the Volkswagon Jetta getting 42 mpg, that is only the newer models.  I have a 2001 Jetta that gets about half the mpg as the newer ones do.  

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    I have had some friends boast that they can get up to 60mpg in a small car just by changing their driving habits. However, since I do not drive I have not had a chance to personally test their claims. So, the best recommendation I can make to you is to check your mpg every time you stop at a gas station and see for yourself if these tips work. Monitoring your mpg is also a good way to tell when your car might need to be serviced.

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