Are there any fruits that are illegal to grow in the United States?



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    The mangosteen has proven to be a controversial fruit in the United States. While the rules for growing it on your own are a little fuzzy, up until recently it was completely illegal to buy or sell them in the US when they come from tropical countries that have potential to harbor dangerous diseases and bugs. The rules have been losened a bit and the mangosteen can now be imported from certain countries but not others. This forbidden fruit thrives in the tropics, so it would be pretty hard to grow in the US.

    When it comes to fruits that are truly illegal to grow, there do not seem to be any great examples. Selling certain fruits may be a different story, but you are free to grow just about what ever you can.   

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    The mangosteen is a southeastern Asian fruit that is not USDA approved because it is illegal to sell or buy. It is legally available in juice form. Mangosteen has curative properties and is used to treat skin disorders, eczema, diabetes, diarrhea, urinary disorders, joint pain, obesity, Parkinson’s, heart disease, depression, and cancer. Mangosteen is illegal because of fears it contains the Asian fruit fly which would hurt US crops, but recently this has changed and the USDA has approved irradiation, packing, and shipping techniques that allow US people to buy frozen mangosteens.

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