Are there any fruit trees that do well in cold weather?



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    There are some fruit trees that require cold weather for at least part of their growing cycle. Cherry trees for example need cold weather. It is better to research which trees grow best in your climate rather than trying to grow your favorite fruits. I live in a cold climate and have personally seen pear and apple trees grow very successfully. I can also answer your questions if you are curious about a specific fruit tree.

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    Interestingly, many hardy varieties of fruit trees actually need a cold season in order to help them to end their dormancy period and have a strong spring period of growth. If a winter is particularly warm for a variety of tree that is used to cold winters, the tree seems to have a hard time responding to the spring weather. Some examples of hardy fruit trees include the Haralson, Honeycrisp, and Sunndybook Apples, the North Star Cherry, the Prairie Gold Apricot, the Tecumseh Plum, and the Golden Spice Pear. This is not by any means an exhaustive list, but just a few examples of varieties that do well in colder climates.

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