Are there any fruit bats in America?



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    Yes there are several types of bats that lives in the United States and some that are fruit eaters. Fruit bats are not exactly a one certain type of species, since many different bats eat fruit and could be classified in different ways. One of the most widely known for eating fruit is the Jamaican fruit bat, whose territory mostly includes Central and South America. Yet there are many species in the family Phyllostomidae (leaf-nosed bats) that are very similar and are also referred to as “fruit bats”. Many of these species can be found in different regions around the U.S. There are about 160 species in this family and they are adept at living in many different regions from tropical forests to dry deserts.

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    Yes. Fruit bats like warm, tropical climates, where there is an abundance of fruit. They live in places such as Hawaii, Mexico, and the tropics. 

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