Are there any fresh water shark species?



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    There are two known species that are classified as “freshwater shark”, bull sharks and river sharks. These freshwater dwellers do not have very large populations and several species are endangered, so you have to look in the right rivers and lakes to find them. The bull sharks are mostly found in shallow areas of the sea, but have been known to swim up rivers and lakes for short periods of time. They have been spotted in the Mississippi River, the Amazon River, and in Lake Nicaragua. Similar to river sharks, they do not permanently live in fresh water because it is far more difficult for them to live in fresh water due to osmosis. However, scientists have found that sharks can adapt to this environment by urinated excessively in order to travel in fresh water. According to the discovery channel, “although a survey of freshwater sharks and rays in 1995 determined that 43 species of elasmobranches penetrate freshwater environments, relatively few sharks spend substantial time in these areas.”

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    Yes, freshwater sharks exist. Sharks can be found in lakes, rivers, estuaries and large streams if the climate is tropical, warm and temperate. Sharks adapt to freshwater even though they have really salty bodies by urinating a lot. Why must they urinate a lot while in freshwater? A process called osmosis is why they  must urinate a lot. If they did not do so then these creatures who evolved in salt water, in theory, would burst, and die.

    There are 43 species of sharks that penetrate the barrier of salt water to fresh water but there are few who stay for a substantial amount of time.The two sharks that frequently go into freshwater and stay for awhile are the river sharks and aforementioned sharks.

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