Are there any foods that can increase your lung capacity?



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    Anti-oxidents, like those found in dark-colored vegetables and nuts, can help increase lung capacity to a certain extent. At the very least, they prevent you from losing lung capacity as you age. Vitamins C and E, selenium, and beta-carotene are all linked to stronger, more healthy lungs.

    Other than that, increasing lung heath and decreasing excess mucus (for example, if one is quitting smoking) can help you take deeper and longer breaths. For this, the best foods are the ones that are considered healthy anyway: fruits (especially cirtus), vegetables, and grains like rice with no trans fats. Salt can constrict cells and decrease oxygen transfer, so take it easy with salty foods. The author of the article in the second link below says that onions helped rid her lungs of excess mucus, and bioflavenoids made her feel she was breathing better, in her quest for lung health.

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