Are there any food companies that are known for being eco friendly?



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    One food manufacturer that has tried to “go green” is Frito-Lay.  Some of its potato chip bags (specifically Sun Chips large bags) are made of renewable resources and are completely compostable.  The company also made environmental commitments with its factories.  One of its plants will try to go “off the grid” and run completely on renewable fuels and recycled water.  Frito-Lay plans to start powering the plant using solar energy and biomass fuel.  Another of its plants installed a generator to convert waste heat (steam) into power, taking it off the grid as well.

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    There are a lot of food companies that are making positive green choices with the distribution of their food. It’s nice to see companies making these types of changes. Silk Soy is another company that is really creating the way for the production of quality products on the market.

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    One of my favorite beverage manufacturers that’s making their production practices eco-friendly is the Sierra Nevada Brewing company.  They’ve installed a solar PV system in their corporate parking lot located in Chico, CA, which produces 892,859 kWh of power output per year.  Sierra Nevada was also one of the first to use hydrogen fuel cell co-generators, for which they received a $2.4 million rebate from PG&E.  In addition, they also use sheep to mow their lawns instead of gas powered lawnmowers, and their brew pub kitchen “uses locally grown vegetables and naturally fed beef.”  Their goal is to run their brewery off of 100 percent sustainable energy

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    The Tofu Shop uses all organic, and non-GMO soybeans, and scored an “Outstanding” on the Organic Soy Scorecard. They support sustainable food production and distribution, and practice waste reduction efforts. However, their products are most readily available in Northern California and Southern Oregon, and in only three cities south of San Francisco. 

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    They are committed to buying and serving the highest-quality, responsibly grown, ethically traded coffee to help create a better future for farmers and a more stable climate. And they are also committed to minimizing their environmental impact, tackling climate change, and inspiring others to do the same.


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    Stonyfield Farm, best know for its yogurts, has not compromised its environmentally-conscious business practices as the company has spread across the country from its Londonderry, New Hampshire base. The company was one of the first to go carbon-neutral, and donates shares of profits to environmental organizations. The company’s factory where its yogurt is made is powered by the state of New Hampshire’s largest solar PV array and has emerged as a leader in showing other businesses how minimize waste and offset carbon emissions. 

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    In fact, food companies that are eco-friendly abound but the truth is how eco-friendly are they. So mant of them that use compostible or biodegradable materials for their packaging do not recycle them and each time they are continuously dependent on the forest products and by-products for their packaging. Those that recycle their materials also undergo some processes that harm the environment before arriving at the recycled materials. In these cases how eco-friendly are they?

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    Chipotle makes efforts to reduce their impact on the environment by using recycled napkins, and Fair Trade beans. Fair Trade ensures farmers are justly compensated and helps farmers in developing countries build sustainable businesses. Chipotle is also trying to make more of their buildings more green by using tankless water heaters, high-efficiency HVAC, recycled finishes and materials, water-based sealants, and non-toxic cleaning supplies.

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