Are there any fonts for printing that use less ink?



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    Arial or Arial Narrow are good options. Courier New was the make-your-paper-seem-longer-font that we all used to try to get away with in high school; what we didn’t know at the time, though, was how much paper we were wasting every time we printed that 6th page with just a few lines of text on it (what easily could have fit on 5 pages in Times New Roman)… There are printer options too that will allow you to select the darkness of the color… so setting it lighter (it may even appear gray) or even printing in grayscale and using a gray color font will allow you to conserve ink. No bolds, no large fonts. Use a font that has a light, thin line and turn down the darkness and you will help conserve (and you’ll save some money)… just make sure it’s still dark enough that someone can read it!

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