Are there any fish farms that have been able to grow blue fin tuna yet?



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    Yes, many tuna ranchers have been able to raise bluefin tunas.  Known as fish farmers, these companies catch young bluefin fishes and raise them in captivity before shipping them out to sell to restaurants and other commercial consumers.  

    One program in particular, the bluefin program at Kinki University in Japan is one of the only ones to create a closed loop farming system which means that the farmers never go out in the wild to catch their fish.  Instead, their fish are produced from hatched eggs, raised to adult fish and then shipped off for consumption. 

    Kinki University supplies bluefin to some of the best restaurants in the world and they make sure to keep up with their demand by only ‘fishing’ for their bluefin when specific orders come in from restaurants, some as far away as the US.

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