Are there any fish that are OK to eat? Environmentally speaking?



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         Yes. The Monterey Bay Aquarium produces a helpful guide to the best choices called “Seafood Watch”. Their website is very extensive and includes a searchable database, a printable pocket guide, and an iPhone app.

    Some of the alternatives they recommend are:

    • Mahi mahi instead of swordfish or monkfish.
    • Dungeness or stone crab rather than imported king crab
    • Pacific halibut instead of atlantic flounder
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    On the nutritional value, the best fish to eat are:


    Striped Bass

    Rainbow Trout

    Pacific Halibut (avoid Atlantic)


    What makes them environmentally sound is how they are raised.  Fresh fish are far better than farm-raised fish…..and a lot of times farm-raised fish escape into the surrounding waters and alter the native fish breeds.

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