Are there any fish that are bad for you to eat?



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    In general, fish meat is quite good for you. It contains essential omega-3 fatty acids which are very good for you. When fish meat contains metals like mercury, then you might want to limit your intake of certain kinds of fish. Salmon, swordfish, and other larger fish may contain higher levels of mercury. (Blowfish are almost entirely poisonous, but you probably wouldn’t be eating a blowfish unless it was from a professional sushi chef.)

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    Some fish are not good to eat. Some are really poisonous. It would be better if you get a fishe at a restaurant or the grocery store instead of going fishing for one because you would know for sure if it is OK to eat.

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    There are many fish that are bad for you to eat because of high levels of mercury.  Swordfish would be an example of a fish that you should try to stay away from.  Also certain tunas, depending on how they are caught may have very high loads of mercury.  Learn if your salmon is wild caught or farm-raised.  Farm-raised salmon tend to have very high concentrations of antibiotics, which can lower your immune system.  The link below is a pocket guide from Monterey Bay Aquarium which lists all of the good and bad fish.  Hope this helps.

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