Are there any female animals that kill their mates?



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    Many people that the black widow always kills her mate, but the females may occasionally kill the male and eat them. When this happens it is an “exception, not a rule.” I found a website that shows that some types of scorpions, spiders, and praying mantis eat their mates. 

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    The female praying mantis kills her mate after mating.

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    In addition to the Praying Mantis and the Black Widow Spider, other females that kill their mates include:

    the Silk Spider

    some Scorpians

    the Sagebush Cricket and

    some Amphipods (shrimp-like creatures)

    Approximately 30 different types of animals (mostly insects) will sometimes kill their mate after copulation. 

    Fun Fact: The male honey bee actually has his genitals explode inside the female. It acts as a “plug” to prevet other males from copulation.

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