Are there any fast growing cactus plants?



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    The San Pedro Cactus is quite hearty and quick growing.  But be sure to check local laws about growing this cactus, because it is used for mescaline production.


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    There is also the brittle prickly pear (or Opuntia fragilis) or the hedgehog (Echinocereus triglochidiatus) cacti which are both known to grow quickly too.

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    One of the fastest growing columnar cacti (think those tall cactuses with arms from Warner Brother’s cartoons) is the Erowid Cactus, which matures in the same month it germinates. However, as with freedomtoast’s cactus, this on comes witha mescalin warning — due to the psychoactive properties of this cactus, they may not be legal to grow in your area.

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