Are there any fast food restaurants that have started using sustainable ingredients?



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    Chipotle uses “sustainable food” according to their website and support family farmers. The website says they use animals raised without hormones or antibiotics (when possible), organic and local produce (when practical).

    Sellers Markets, a chain within the San Francisco area, uses local, sustainable food grown by farmers who practice sustainable agriculture. 90% or more of their food comes from locally grown sustainable or organic farmers(according to their website).

    Pizza Fusion’s website says they use all organic ingredients in their cooking and call themselves “earth friendly” although doesn’t say anything about local, etc.

    Pret a Manger uses ethically-sourced and fair trade products, uses all local ingredients (nothing that has to be flown into the country), only uses ethically-raised meat. (their website).

    Evos uses naturally-raised beef and certified organic and fair-trade products. There aren’t many details on their website about the food they use but they do use a lot of sustainable practices within the restaurant (their website).

    Other restaurants making efforts to be more sustainable are Le Pain Quotidien,Burgerville, McDonalds, Peets, and subway. The second link at the bottom of this question is for a wesite that ranks fast-food chains based on their sustainability. I suggest you check it out.  The above, more detailed, restaurants are the best in fast-food for sustainability though.


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