Are there any fast food restaurants that have been tied to deforestation of the rain forest?



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    A big tie I know of was related to soy rather than livestock.  The Amazon rain forest was being destroyed and the land used to grow soy, which was bought en mass to feed the animals that McDonalds, especially in Europe.  Though McDonalds had promised not to source meat from recently deforested areas, there wasn’t any rules about the food that feed that meat (in this case, chicken).  In 2006 six, a success for GreenPeace was the moratorium on soy products from Brazil, which has been extended and is still in place today.  Extensive monitoring serves to keep the farms in check and expels farms that do not comply to specific compliance.

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    The rampant use of paper at fast food chains undoubtedly contributes to deforestation. Many different fast food restaurants such as McDonalds, Wendy’s, and Pizza Hut are known do be massive consumers of paper, helping fuel the destruction of forests for that purpose. Much of the deforestation in the rainforest that is linked to fast food has to do with clearing land for cattle grazing. Between 1990 and 2000 an area of rainforest twice the size of Portugal was razed, largely for the purposes of raising cattle.

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    Yes fast food restaurants such as McDonalds as well as large multinational companies such as Cargill have contributed greatly do the extensive deforestation of the Amazon.  Cargill is the main supplier of soya beans to large fast food companies such as McDonalds which uses the soya products to feed their cattle and chickens. 

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