Are there any fast food restaurants that give their old oil for biofuel?



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    Apparently, in the Philippines, Mcdonald’s was donating its cooking oil to create biofuel for police cars. The police department of Makita was looking to cut costs and turned to a mixture of 60 percent diesel and 40 percent cooking oil to power the police vehicles. This was in 2008 and I have no idea if the program is still operating.

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    Surprisingly, a lot of smaller restaurants have been dishing out oil for bio-fuel for a while. When cars that ran on bio-fuel seemed simply outrageous a lot of restaurants on the west coast would be more than happy to provide oil for those who would simply ask for it. This is still true today. While most will not advertise that they provide this service, some only need to be asked in order to provide.

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    McDonald’s currently uses its own cooking oil to help fuel its trucks in the United Arab Emirates (see link below).

    The second link leads to an article whose byline is “Tellurian Biodiesel, an independent distributor and marketer of biodiesel, has entered into a joint venture with Golden State Foods, supplier to the quick-​service restaurant industry, to recycle used cooking oil into biodiesel.”

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