Are there any factory farms of sheep?



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    There certainly are, though sheep are not as widely farmed as cattle and pigs. 80 percent of the sheep in the U.S. can be found on large-scale farms, located mostly in the western U.S. An American sheep farm is considered small-scale if it owns less than 100 sheep, and only 17 percent of American sheep are found in these operations. The sheep industry isn’t huge in the states–with less than 6 million sheep that make up 1 percent of American livestock holdings, its much smaller than other countries’ industries. 

    Globally, sheep holdings are declining. But Australia still has 76 million, New Zealand has less than 35 million, and Argentina has 12 million. They are generally difficult to farm because simply raising them for meat isn’t profitable enough if you were to do it large scale; they need to be closely watched and guarded from predators, so a lot of ranchers are turning over to cattle. 

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