Are there any fabrics that are biodegradable?



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    Yes. Pretty much all fabrics made from natural instead of synthetic materials are biodegradable. Cotton of course, but also hemp, bamboo, and even corn based fabrics are around these days.

    If you want to break them down in your compost heap make sure you strip into tiny pieces first so they degrade faster and preferably they would be free of chemicals and detergents and stuff as well.

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    There is a corn-based biodegradable fabric called Ingeo. It is made from fermented corn starches which is considered a renewable natural source. The quality is quite good too as they are almost as absorbent as dri-fit materials.

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    Just as not all natural products are biodegradable, not all natural fabrics are biodegradable. However, there are plenty of fabrics that are. Look into certain textile companies like and for specific items made from biodegradable fabric.

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