Are there any examples where the hunting of a species actually helps with conservation?



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    There is an argument that hunting can curb overpopulation and that this benefits conservation of a species. The argument is that overpopulation leads to increase incident and spread of disease, and that hunting helps prevent that.

    The only other way that I could see hunting as being beneficial for a species is if overpopulation of one animal was greatly contributing to the unnatural decline of another. In this case, limiting the population of one species might help another. However, I’m of the opinion that over population is probably due to human degradation of habitat and that a better solution to overpopulation would be to use less land and support available habitats more, not kill the animal because they don’t have enough room to roam.

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    In some cases, there is a demand to remove non-native species from an ecosystem. In the United States, non-native wild boars are interfering with the survival of other species. In Australia, non-native rabbits are devastating the ecosystem. It may take a long time to eradicate these species and restore the original natural balance of the area. So, if you are looking to hunt something, those two species would be an excellent choice!

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    There have been some cases in which hunting has had a positive impact of species. In southern Africa, the white rhino was nearing extinction about a century ago -with only 50 of them left. Trophy hunters often want to hunt larger animals and when the white rhino population began disappearing, it was these hunters that provided landowners with a financial incentive to buy and reserve areas for the rhinos. Since the rhinos were being protected, the species’ population was rejuvinated with over 11,000 rhinos roaming the wild in Africa today. Although there are many cases in which irresponsible hunting practices have led to the extinction of a certain species, such as the Passenger Pigeon, hunters are usually the biggest advocates for conservation practices. For example, bird hunters have helped to protect the wetlands and waterfowl environments so assure that they have birds to hunt. It has also helped to prevent birds from overpopulating areas and depleting habitat resources that other species depend on for survival.

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