Are there any examples of similar types of international activism that have helped stop an environmentally damaging project in Africa?



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    The World Bank attempted to facilitate a loan to Eskom, a huge power company based in Africa, in early 2010 to fund a power plant that would emit immense amounts of CO2 pollution. This measure caused a global uproar, with environmental groups, communities, and countries like Britain and the US to oppose such an operation. With such a negative worldwide reaction, the World Bank had no choice but to withdraw its loan, especially after the World Bank Boycott was renewed, costing them many of their large holders. Unfortunately, as of November 3, Eskom has verified that they will receive a multi-billion dollar loan from the Development Bank of Southern Africa. While the international effort did sustain a victory with one bank, it merely postponed the construction for the better part of a year, and the corporation will continue with its plans.

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    Rhino poaching in South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwa and Tanzania has become a severe problem. The rhinos horns are sold by poachers to markets in Southeast Asia that find medicinal value in their horns; the rhinos are often poached solely for their horn. World Wildlife Fund conducted an operation in South Africa in which they air-lifted a herd of rhinos 15 miles away from an area which could potentially be hunted by poachers. The pictures from this operation are pretty amazing.

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