Are there any examples of communities in the US or in other countries that are successfully using permaculture?



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    Permaculture is fairly popular in New Mexico. In fact, the National Guard recently sent some of its Guardsmen and Guardswomen there in order to learn the practice of permaculture for the purpose of introducing it in Afghanistan.

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    At the University of Denver, we planted a permaculture garden on a plot of land that had previously been a vacant lot of grass. Now, there are fruit trees, berry bushes, and various herbs and spices. The permaculture garden sits on a plot of land no more than 1/6th of an acre, which shows the public how possible it is to produce their own fruits and vegetables in a small garden. I believe that our garden is a success and will help people realize the possibility of a more localized food supply. 

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    There is a pretty big permaculture community in Philadelphia. There are meet-ups and workshops on how to create a permaculture garden. Urban gardening, in general has become very popular in Philly.

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