Are there any environmentally friendly youth groups?



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    I was a part of a group called 4-H as a youth.  It was not themed as an environmental youth group but there definitely was a theme of environmental safety and responsibility.  I would argue that Boy Scouts of America is a fairly environmentally based youth group as they work outdoors quite a lot.  With this outdoor experience there are themes of sustainability.

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    There is a big move towards youth centres becoming more eco friendly in general. These postive steps not only lower the centres carbon footprint but also educates the youth on the issues the environment faces daily. provides many steps to converting centres to more eco friendly environments.

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    Yes, there are lots of options for youths to become familiar with environmental issues and start working towards making changes in their communities. The Environmental Youth Alliance started in 1991 in Vancouver, and has spread to sponsor projects in Kenya, China, and 13 other countries. The Student Environmental Action Coalition is another nationwide grassroots organization seeking to bring environmental education and action to youths. In addition to national groups, many cities have environmental youth groups, as well, like the Boston Youth Environmental Network ( 

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    TONA is an enviromental friendly youth group based in Kenya. We are currently sensitizing the community on the importance of preserving our rivers and streams. Currently we are  working on a project of planting a million tree seedlings which shall be issued to community members by end of 2012.

    Any support towards this will be highly appreciated.



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