Are there any environmentally friendly fast food restaurants?



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    There are many fast food restaurants that are making changes to  be more eco-friendly like using recycled and biodegradable products, installing Energy Star appliances, and offering organic foods. Carl’s Jr has installed solar roofs and LED lights in some of its restaurants, Dominos pizza has tried using electric cars for its deliveries, and McDonalds has piloted programs using its old grease for bio-diesel cars. Burger King, McDonalds and Wendy’s have all switched to using chlorine free paper prodcuts. Chipotle uses only free range, vegetarian fed meets. There are some restaurants that have earned a Green Restaurant Certification from the Green Restaurant Association and some that have LEED certified buildings.

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    Chipotle may be one of the leading vendors in this market. Accorinding to this website, this restaurant has begun a campaign for “Food With Integrity.” By offering better quality meat, they have found that customers are willing to pay that extra dollar or two for the better food. In addition to this, Chipotle boasts its organically grown and naturally raised food sources. The company is now sets their sight on sustainable building programs that put an emphasis on low cost and energy efficient equipment.  

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