Are there any environmental reality TV shows?



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    In 2008, musicians Tommy Lee and Ludacris starred in a reality series in which they toured and took place in challenges trying to out-green each other; each tried to have the most eco-friendly tour. It was called BATTLEGROUND EARTH: LUDACRIS VS. TOMMY LEE. There was talk about Leonardo DiCaprio creating a green reality show in 2006, but as far as I know nothing came of it. Other than that, many competition-based reality shows have certain episodes or seasons where the contestants are challenged to “go green.” For example, America’s Next Top Model had a season where only hybrid vehicles were used and no smoking was allowed, and models posed in pictures with green messages.

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    Mario’s Green House is a reality TV show that documents a family as they try to go green.

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    LIVING WITH ED!  Which is actually a very entertaining show. Or check out the channel Planet Green, it is full of green reality shows! 

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    Also check out The Lazy Environmentalist which gives you easy solutions to being more environmentally friendly in many different professions by working with real people in everyday situations.

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