Are there any environmental PSA’s?



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    yes, Live Earth produces loads of environmental psa’s with celebrities such as Chris Rock, Jessica Biel, Naomi Campbell and more. Earth Share also has environmental psa’s, here’s one:

    Here’s a Live Earth one:

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    NBC’s “The More You Know” program has several environmental PSAs that run every year.  On the web site for The More You Know videos, you can find links to all environmental PSAs by year. 

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    Yes there are many PSAs with environmental themes, as PSAs have long been a way to spread ideas and advocacy. Just by googling “environmental PSAs,” you can call up a number of examples. Here’s one with Will Ferrell: 


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    Probably the most popular of its kind, the 1970s “Crying Indian” PSA was a part of the Keep America Beautiful organization’s campaign to stop littering. Since the website isn’t letting me post the video, here is a link to it!

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