Are there any environmental news-watchdog groups that keep tabs on politicians, lobbyists, TV show hosts, etc. that lie about environmental issues?



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    Environmental News Network or Grist are a good places to start. Or if you’re looking for a more active critic you’d likely have to look at advocacy groups like Greenpeace.

    There are a number of media groups that keep tabs on lying or dubious claims by public figures. Perhaps that most popular would be The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. Those are more generally focussed on catching public figures, media outlets and more in difficult situations. But magazines like Mother Jones also are good sources for information. 

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         The League of Conservation Voters has a database that will tell you how each congressperson and senator voted on important environmental legislation. For each session of congress, it produces a National Environmental Scorecard, for the Senate and the House, and a Presidential Report Card. It also has biographies and contact information for each politician as well as a list of the committees each serves on. 

         Although it doesn’t focus exclusively on the environment, is a good source for independent, unbaised information about contentious issues. 

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