Are there any environmental groups that have tried to clean up Jones town the site for the Jones massacre?



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    It does not appear so. Jonestown, Guyana was the site of the horrific mass suicide by members of the People’s Temple, a cult led by American preacher Jim Jones, on November 18, 1978. Over 900 people drank (or were forced to drink) Kool-Aid spiked with cyanide. Guyanese armed forces were the first outsiders on the site, discovering piles of corpses and vats of Kool-Aid. Aside from the appalling human cost of the disaster, the environmental effects of the incident are not well-documented. In the early 1980s the Guyanese government allowed Laotian refugees to live on the former site, but a fire destroyed most of the remaining buildings and since then the site has been reclaimed by the jungle. Some artifacts of the People’s Temple occupation were discovered by a news crew filming there in 1998. I could find no record of any environmental group having expressed interest in rehabilitating the site, or even a precise documentation of what effects may still linger from the disaster.

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