Are there any energy efficient street lights?



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    In 2008, Philips Lighting, one of the world’s largest lighting providers, announced the completion of its Starsense lighting management system. Long story short, the product turns a city’s lighting grid into an effective communications network that allows users to adjust lighting levels based on varying conditions like weather, traffic, and other factors. It also notifies users of burnt out or otherwise malfunctioning lamps. The ability to monitor a city’s lighting system to a much greater extent than was available previously is expected to produce energy savings of up to 40%.

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    The city of Salem, Massachusetts has partnered with lighting manufacturer OSRAM Sylvania in replacing street lights newly equipped LED technology. The energy-efficient LED lighting offers significant energy savings and also provides longer life, meaning maintainance will not be as large of an issue as it was before.

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    Solar trees, previously discussed on Green Answers (see link), are streetlights that are powered by solar panels.

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