Are there any endangered species of whale?



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    Many species of whales are endangered. The blue whale and sperm whale are both endangered. The populations of the narwhal, Western Pacific gray whale, and the bowhead whale are all estimated at less than 120 respectively. In the case of the Western Pacific grey whale, the death of just three females could wipe out the species. There are estimated to be less than 350 North Atlantic right whales left, and less than 400 Cook Inlet beluga whales.

    A Western Pacific gray whale:

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    Many whale species are listed as endangered or vulnerable, below is a table from the link listing these species as well as population estimates. Some species for which not enough data has been collected to provide an accurate picture of the condition of the species are also listed.

    species population status and listings*
    northern right whale 500-1,000 endangered (ESA, IUCN)
    southern right whale 3,000 endangered (ESA); vulunerable (IUCN)
    bowhead whale 8,000 endangered (ESA, IUCN)
    blue whale 10,000-14,000 endangered (ESA, IUCN)
    fin whale 120,000-150,000 endangered (ESA); vulnerable (IUCN)
    sei whale 50,000 endangered (ESA)
    humpback whale 10,000+ endangered (ESA, IUCN)
    sperm whale 200,000 endangered (ESA)
    vaquita a few hundred endangered (ESA)
    baiji about 300 endangered (ESA, IUCN)
    Indus susu 500 endangered (ESA, IUCN)
    Ganges susu unknown vulnerable (IUCN)
    boto unknown; thought to be declining vulnerable (IUCN)
    franciscana unknown not listed
    tucuxi unknown not listed
    Hector’s dolphin 3,000-4,000 vulnerable (IUCN)
    Indo-Pacific humpbacked dolphin unknown; thought to be depleted not listed
    Atlantic humpbacked dolphin unknown, but depleted not listed


    * “ESA” denotes listing according to the Endangered Species Act. “IUCN” denotes listing according to the IUCN/World Conservation Union Red Databook.

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