Are there any endangered species in Ecuador’s Yasuni National Park?



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    Yes.  Yasuni is actually a threatened mammals “hotspot”.  There are 13 vertebrates and 56 plant species listed as endangered, and 15 vertebrates and 47 plants that are near threatened.  Some of these are the White-Bellied Spider Monkey, Poeppig’s woolly monkey, the giant river otter and the Amazonian mannatee. The Rollinia helosioides tree is the only critically endangered species in the park.  The park has more biodiversity than any other place in South America and possibly the world.

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    Yes, a total of 86 species are threatened. That includes 58 plants, 2 amphibians, 2 reptiles, 7 birds, and 17 mammals. Out of the total, 45 are near threatened, 34 are vulnerable, 6 are endangered, and one is critically endangered. Of the six endangered ones, 2 are mammals and 4 are plants (the critical one is also a plant).

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