Are there any endangered national parks?



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    Apparently there is, which is to my surprise. Here is a list of the top ten endangered national parks:

    1. Fire Island National Seashore
    2. Frederick Douglass Home
    3. Great Smoky Mountains NP
    4. Stones River Battlefield
    5. South Florida Parks
    6. Big Bend National Park
    7. Petrified Forest National Park
    8. Yellowstone National Park
    9. Glacier National Park
    10. Denali National Park

    Being an endangered park means that they are being polluted and not preserved as the natural place they were intended to be. Below you can find more information about these parks.

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      At the website listed above there is a map that shows where these parks are. If you click on them it will tell you how these parks are being affected and what needs to happen to protect them.

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