Are there any elementary schools that have solar systems on them?



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    The San Bruno elementary and middle schools, in San Mateo County are working on plan to use solar panels, that could power the school district.

    Also there is a New Jersey solar panel company that is giving free panels to 5 Woodbridge schools including, Terrace Elementary School No. 19, Indiana Avenue Elementary School No. 18, and Woodbine Elementary School No. 23.

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    There is also an Elementary school outside of Bowling Green, Kentucky that is being built with a $2.3 million, 340 KW solar energy system.  The school is planned to be net zero and thus uses as much energy as it produces.  In Arizona there are 14 schools that got free solar energy systems, but most of them will not make them completely energy independent.  They will just help offset electricity costs for them.

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    My old elementary school just put in a few solar panels on the roofs of the school. However, I live in a pretty affluent area that could afford to do these things. The school also has sun shining on it all the time. I live right outside NYC.

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    My old school district (Bethel School District in Eugene, OR) had a pretty great solar program on some of the buildings. I believe my elementary school had solar power, and there was a really great array of panels on the roof of my high school.

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