Are there any electric vehicles that come with a free charger?



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    The Volt comes with a charging cord and kit standard with the car but it is not extremely efficient. They offer a high speed charger for an additional $490. 

    When buying a Leaf, Nissan will install the charger in your garage, but not for free. There is a $100 fee for an initial assessment to see where the charger will be installed. Nissan does not specify how much the charger will be and that it depends on the age and configuration of your home. They do say that you can finance the charger or add it into your monthly payments on the car which would make one assume it is not on the cheap side. 

    There are numerous other options of external sources that are efficient and mostly under $1,000. It does not seem as though any of the car manufacturers are going to be handing out high quality chargers right away. 

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