Are there any electric trucks in the works right now?



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    Zap Jonway out of Santa Rosa, CA is currently developing an electric SUV in China. According to their website, the A380 electric SUV will set the standard for electric vehicles. The newest technology is being utilized to increase the range, speed, passengers, quality, and value of the electric SUV. The A380e is currently being built at Zap Jonways’ Sanmen China factory; a release date has yet to be announced (Zap Jonway, 2011).   

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    ZAP JONWAY already sells an EV truck that is designed for lower-speed jobs around town, not freeway use, but it’s very economical

    More companies are developing electric vehicles and they are available for a wide variety of uses.  Demand electricity for your daily transportation and automakers will respond.

    ZAP JONWAY, Daring to Drive Electric

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