Are there any electric car manufacturers in the US?



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    Yes, in fact, there are at least 40 manufacturing businesses in the United States. ZAP, based in California, has created the Alias – a freeway-speed vehicle that can be charged at any outlet. Coda Automotive is also based in California. The company’s first electric car, the Coda sedan, was released in 2010. Other companies include, but are not limited to, Electric City Motors, Chrysler LLC, EVI International, and Harvey Coachworks. A full list can be found in the link provided.

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    That depends on if you count private individuals who converted their own electric vehicles as auto manufacturers. In that case, the numbers are in the thousands. Several companies make motors, batteries, chargers, and controllers that can be put in any vehicle with a burned-out engine. Since electric motors last a lifetime, you can use the same motor in many different cars.

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