Are there any electric buses?



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    Yep!  The good ol’ fashioned trolley is an electric bus, and other electric buses store their electricty on board.    The problem is that the batteries can only store so much charge.  China is experiementing with a type of electric bus that recharges when it stops under special umbrellas located at bus stops.  This type of bus is called a Capabus.

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    Absolutely. Some cities have implemented them in their transit systems. They are currently used in Shanghai (China), Turin (Italy), and many cities in the US including Anaheim, Colorado Springs, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, and more.

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    Portland, Oregon is also using electric buses!  It’s a great thing to see.  The city also utilizes a light rail system, street car (electric shuttle across the city) and a TRAM that connects the OHSU hospital to doctor offices and ground level entrances across the hills.

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