Are there any electric bikes that are charged by pedaling?



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    If by “electric bike” you mean a stationary exercise bike, there are not ones that can charge itself by pedaling, but it is possible to harness the electricity for other uses. You can attach a generator to your bike, and then use the stored electricity to charge small appliances or electronics. 

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    There are electric bikes that can be charged by braking, a technology known as regenerative braking. Some hybrid cars already use this technology, but putting it in electric bikes is also possible now. Typically using brakes turns the kinetic energy of the wheel into heat generated by friction but regenerative braking turns it into electrical energy that is stored in the battery to be used later. Pretty cool stuff.

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    I believe the new cycle route from Westport to Achil Island use ’em.


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      What you’re really asking is ‘are there any bikes that use a ‘regenerative-option’. Short answer is NO. It’s built out of them. Otherwise they’d be too heavy to peddle. It’s called the ‘Hall-effect’ and in cars the ‘electric-braking’.

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