Are there any Efforts to ensure Striped Hyenas survival? What are they?



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    There are some grassroots movements to promote the survival of Striped Hyenas. A surprising amount of these movements have been created by children. Earlier this month, a third grade class in New York gained international recognition for their efforts to help save the Hyena. The kids were bothered that they may never be able to see these animals and wanted to do something about it. The kids have spoken with African officials over Skype about the hyena and have also created a website to raise awareness. Their story has made its way in to papers all over the world. 

    There have also been some online petitions created to help save the Striped Hyena, although none of them have proven too successful. Sadly, there are not any movements (at least that are publicised) by environmental or animal rights organizations to save this species at the moment. 

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    An endearing effort was made by a third grade students in Oneonta, New York. The students found that there is no effort being made by any organization to save the striped hyena and they decided to change that, because they were concerned there would be no striped hyenas left by the time they become adults. The students got in touch with Dr. Aaron Wagner, an ecologist who stuidies the animal. The class has drafted a petition to the Wildlife Conservation Society with his help. Below is a picture of the petition. 


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