Are there any eco mowers?



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    Ecologically friendly lawnmowers do exist in specific models, but the search can be made easier by looking at specific types. Because of the lack of need to burn fuel, manual lawn mowers are generally the safest bet for a greener solution to mowing your lawn. If you must use fuel, try and look for ones that use propane rather than the more traditional oil.

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    I think that reel mowers are the best option. Since they use no fuel at all and have a simple design, they last longer and will not break down for a very long time. Also, if you have a really big lawn, you can skip a trip to the gym whenever you mow! There are attachments you can get to collect the grass clippings, but leaving them on the lawn to decompose naturally works perfectly fine.

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    Besides the manual mowers that happyhodges and pieretewinter mentioned, there are some larger scale green mowing methods as well. My favorite is the practice of renting goats to clear land and manage larger areas. Not only does this save money in some cases, but in comparison to commercial mowers, it saves a ton of fuel and CO2 emissions.

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    Reel mowers are eco friendly.  You have to do all the work, there is no motor, so if you have a big yard this can be very tiring and time consuming.  You have to get them sharpened pretty regularly, however, that is relatively inexpensive.  You can find reel mowers at your local hardware store and many of them also offer sharpening services.  

    I like sdasher’s suggestion!  

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