Are there any eco-friendly Xmas lights?



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    According to the Environmental Defense Fund, “LED string lights use much less electricity, reduce pollution from power plants and last longer.  And they stay cooler, too. While they cost more than traditional strings of lights up front, the electricity savings easily make up the cost difference within a season or two.”  LED lights are widely available on Amazon, ebay, etc.

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    Another idea is to put your Christmas lights on a timer. This way they will only be using electricity for a set amount of time, not all night.

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    My father, who is somewhat of an environmental enthusiast, uses LED lights on our christmas tree and around our home for the holidays.  These lights are very unique.  They use a lot less electricity that normal lights, which is a plus since people usually keep them on for a long time during the days through out the holiday season.  Also, unlike normal lights, LED lights don’t get hot when they’re on.  LEDs stay cool, which allows you to feel safe if a child decides to touch the lights.  I have personally experienced that LED lights don’t get hot when we first decided to use the lights to decorate our tree.

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