Are there any eco friendly toothpastes?



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    The easiest way to find eco-friendly toothpastes is to look for the eco-friendly companies that make them. Tom’s of Maine is a company that makes toothpaste and it comes in several different varieties. (I have been using it for the past 8 months or so and have noticed whiter teeth!) Tom’s of Maine toothpaste is available at most retailers (even places such as Target) and comes in an aluminum tube verses plastic, which is recyciable in many areas. The toothpaste is flavored naturally and no ingredients are tested on animals. You can also check on the GoodGuide website to compare how eco-friendly different brands of toothpaste are. KissMyFace, PerioPaste, Coral White, and other companies make eco-friendly toothpastes as well. You will have to decide whether you want fluoride in your toothpaste. Too much of it can be toxic, but it is commonly found in dental products for its ability to reduce cavities. 

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