Are there any eco friendly tanks?



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    A massive weapon that destroys structures, resources, and lives doesn’t sound like something that takes the environment into consideration. Other than probably upgrading fuel consumption rates over the years, I wouldn’t be surprised if the answer is entirely no.

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    Currently there are no eco-friendly tanks; in fact, tanks are probably one of the worst offenders when it comes to gas-guzzling. The military does have plans though to develop a hybrid tank vehicle that will reduce fuel consumption, much in the same way it has developed a concept hybrid humvee vehicle. As military technology improves, so do its plans for powering the technology, and tanks are no exception. While the US and its allies have some of the best tanks on the planet, they remain some of the most expensive to maintain and fuel. Changing the propulsion systems of these tanks may be more of a logistical issue for the military than a political one, but at least it’s a step in the right direction.

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